Secondary Overview By Principal

Secondary Overview By Principal

Madania provides a wealth of learning experiences in an atmosphere that respects the wisdom of Indonesia spirituality, tradition, virtue, art, culture and history of the nation, and international standards, supported by qualified Human Resources, learning programs and facilities.

Madania Secondary School implement the national and international curriculum, Various programs and opportunities are provided for each student to develop holistically (intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and above all, spirituality).

Madania educates students to become lifelong learners and have high self-motivation, to be confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, engaged have greater social awareness. Madania’s teachers educate from the heart, which means they are not only good at teaching, but are also able to guide, train, and direct with attention and affection.

The school learning environment is very dynamic, supportive and challenging and very conducive for students to grow into superior humans.Teaching and learning activities at this level use a moving class system, where students move from one room to another in accordance with their timetable. This system aims to train students to be disciplined and independent learners.

School also provides Madania Student Residence (MSR) a housing facility for the students who live in a far distance from school. It is designed naturally, full of intimacy and discipline, taking into account the psychological aspects of adolescents.

The University Centre exist to provide information and technical aid to students especially to prepare them for higher education and maximize their academic and social skills.  The services offered are information on various programs in State and Private Universities in Indonesia and abroad, entrance pathways, admission schedules of new students, scholarships and opportunities to follow many activities held by prestigious higher education institutes to develop the students’ potential.

Graduating from Madania School, students will have both National and Cambridge International Examinations certificates along with one foreign language recognition document.

Madania graduates are spread across state and international universities. 60% received at State Universities: UI, ITB, UGM, Unpad, UIN, and IPB. The rest continued their studies at the University of Wellington (New Zealand), Harvard University (USA), University of Massachusetts (USA), Australian National University, University of Sydney, Monash University, Coventry University (UK), NUS (Singapore), The Swiss Hotel Management School, Victoria University, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), Loyola University (Chicago), and RMIT (Australia).

Parent Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Conferences are held in the mid-semester and at the end of semester 2. The purpose of the Parent Teacher Conference is for parents to discuss student progress and necessary special programs with teachers. Outside of these events, parents can discuss with teachers through appointments made in advance.

Each student has his/her base class respectively. A base class teacher guides each base class. Base class teachers provide direct guidance and communicate intensively with students in each class for 10 minutes every day in the base class time. Base class teachers also help students to overcome problems. All students must follow the base class time. In addition to filling the attendance list, the base class is also time to communicate information to and from school and provide a positive spirit to the students.

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