Primary : The International Tests & Final Exam

Grade 6 students are given International tests. The purpose is to find out the extent of their understanding by using internationally standardized tests. The results of the international tests are also used as a school program evaluation. Current subjects tested are English, Science and Mathematics conducted by the University of New South Wales. At the end of the school year, students in grade 6 will follow the Final Exam. Implementation of the Final Exam will be tailored to the local Education Department policy and shall be notified after the school has received the results from the Department of Education. The materials tested in the exam include lessons from grades 4, 5, and 6. Superintendents from other schools supervise the final exams. The Sundanese materials are integrated with the Social Sciences in Sundanese culture. Crafts and Arts materials are integrated into the MAT (Music, Art, and Theatre). Final exam preparation is through material review, quizzes, question practice, and the regular trials. Each student has one bindex stored at school and is brought home twice a week. The bindex contains worksheets, handouts, quizzes, and other tasks that are filed by students. A good cooperation between the school and parents in motivating students will support the successful implementation of this Final Exam. For students with special needs who will follow the Final Exam, its implementation will be based on the results of discussions with parents taking into account the readiness of student.

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