Sakamoto Open Math Competition 2017

09:39:01, 12 September 2017 Himawari

Madania Primary School was invited to join Sakamoto Open Math Competition 2017. The math competition was open for all primary students in Bogor exceptSakamoto Japanese Mathematics Centre pupils. Madania Primary School delegated 7 students:

1. Attariz Putra Aditya (4R)

2. Laskar Minoru Matamahasin Lubis (4R)

3. Zaydan Satriya Mahatma Samudera (4A)

4. R. Agathyaluh Khumaira Rahadiyan (4A)

5. Natasha Ribka Sihombing (4I)

6. Vania Aleta Prabaswara (4I)

7. Luna Shaffina Aurellia (5D)

The training of the math team started on Friday, August 11th, 2017. As the introduction of the training, they were introduced to Japanese math problem types which are  commonly word problems and logical test. Japanese math competitions mostly examine mathematical thinking skill of students; that is why the questions are usually given in word problem forms. The introduction was delivered in Indonesian. First, they constructed the definition of the word logic through some logical statements.

Jika saya haus, maka saya akan minum” (If I were thirsty, I would drink).

Jika saya lapar, maka saya akan makan” (If I were hungry, I would eat).

Jika saya tidak bisa, maka saya akan belajar”  (If I did not understand, I would learn).

The tutor of the team did some inquiries  to dig the definition of logic from team members. One student said tersambung (connected), and someone else said pikiran (thought). Then the tutor merged those answers with provocation questions “Can you make a statement about logic based to your friends’ answers?” Later, they made a statement about logic; it is “sesuatu yang tersambung dengan pikiran” (something that is connected with the sense).

After they understood about logic, they continued learning logical math problems through simple algebra and studied cases in daily life.

Sakamoto methods have steps in solving problem to dig thinking skill of pupil. The steps are understanding the problem, finding the facts in problem, finding relationship among facts, drawing graphs or charts, changing a chart into mathematics sentence/model, and getting the answer.

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Sakamoto Open Mathematics Competition 2017 was held in SMPN 5 Bogor on Sunday, August 20th, 2017 at 07:30 a.m – 13:30 p.m. This competition was not only followed by many students from Bogor, but also participants from outside Bogor such as from North Jakarta. During the competition, parents and teachers followed the presentation of Sakamoto Mathematics Method.

In this event, Luna Shaffina Aurellia  got the 5th winner of Grade 5 level and Laskar Minoru reached the 4th winner of Grade 4 level. Luna’s sister who joined the competition but not included in the team, Zahra 2E, also brought the achievement for Madania Primary as the 5th winner of Grade 2 level.

Congratulations to the Madania team. This was their debut, and the members of team have shown the best during the training untill the D-day. Keep learning, keep practicing, keep trying, and keep striving for the achievement in next competition. We are proud of you as the risk takers through this math competition. (Fikry Kautsar Afdloli)

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